Vapers healthier but fear ban, study shows

Vapers in Malaysia say they feel better after switching to using e-cigarettes instead of smoking tobacco, according to the new study commissioned and authored by eminent cardiologist Dr Konstantinos Farsalinos.

Of 7,124 participants in the unique new study of adult Malaysian vapers, 82.6 percent report improvements in ‘general physical wellbeing’. There are equally impressive improvements in individual aspects of health, such as breathing, sense of smell and taste, and quality of sleep.

More than two-thirds of vapers (68.5 percent) have used e-cigarettes successfully to stop smoking altogether and a further 26.8 percent have managed to reduce their cigarette consumption with the aid of e-cigarettes, which are considered by public health authorities in many countries (including the UK and the European Union) as “at least 95 percent safer than smoking.

But Malaysian vapers, who overwhelmingly support a ban on sales of e-cigs to youth, fear a ban on vaping would damage their prospects of quitting smoking. Some 80 percent say they would be ‘likely or very likely’ to revert to smoking or increase their consumption if they were unable to use e-cigarettes, which in many parts of the world have become the most popular effective method of smoking cessation.

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