Who took part?

This is the largest cross-sectional survey of adult electronic cigarette users living in Malaysia yet carried out, with more than 7,000 participants.

The study was conducted online, with a questionnaire uploaded to a survey website (SurveyMonkey). It was available in both Malay and English and was constructed based on previous experience from the largest online survey of electronic cigarette users (Farsalinos et al., IJERPH 2014) and from the recent Eurobarometer survey of the European Union (Farsalinos et al., Addiction 2016)
Participants came from online social media, Malaysian vapers’ associations, online and physical electronic cigarette shops; current, former and never smokers were eligible to participate and were included in the analysis. The survey was anonymous – no personal details were asked or collected. Average age of respondents was 30.
The questionnaire website was configured to accept only one participation per IP address, and anyone who responded to less than 60 percent of the questions was excluded.
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